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hi, i’m kaylyn and i am here to assist you on your journey back to your authentic self.  my experience as a former high school teacher combined with years of research and my own self-healing led me to help you right here, right now. along with my level ii kundalini reiki certification, i bring spiritual gifts that i use to help uncover blockages and accelerate healing on all levels. whether you are looking for a card reading, spiritual coaching, or lessons on conscious topics, you can expect a professional,  meaningful and effective experience that will excel your growth and expand your evolution.


the right tools for your unique healing journey

what if you had someone to guide you, empower you, and keep it real? allow me to share the ancient wisdom, healing modes, and spectrum of resources i gathered when i did the exact thing you are doing now. as a lightworker and wayshower, my mission at a soul level is to assist the evolution of humanity on the planet now.

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client love

somer m.

every reading i have had with kaylyn has been amazing. working with kaylyn you can see and feel so much passion! every reading i have done has brought me an overwhelming feeling of comfort.

syndee a.

there were so many aspects during our session and conversations that were like lightening bolts to my heart! i am so thankful the universe put her in my life because she is a true beacon of light.

rachel b.

not only has kaylyn got a strong powerful gift, it is her beautiful, gentle expression of the same which sets her apart. she has such a peaceful, fun-loving energy which made my reading even more enjoyable.

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do you believe in miracles?

i didn’t until the moment i healed myself.

transforming false beliefs, old patterns, self-doubt and unworthiness into forgiveness, self-love, inspiration and authenticity is a miracle. stepping into your true self is a miracle. embodying wholeness is a miracle and if i can do it, so can you.

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your time heal is now. why suffer a moment longer? your teacher has arrived because you are ready to live life like the miracle your soul craves. It is my honor to teach you how.